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All About Bingo in the State of Mississippi

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Bingo in Mississippi is gambling, and as such, it's regulated by the state. But since bingo is one of the most accepted forms of gambling in the world, regulation is relatively light, at least as compared to casino gambling in the state. Anyone who wants to run a bingo hall in the state of Mississippi must get a license from the Mississippi Department of Revenue. Bingo halls are run by non-profit religious, charitable, and fraternal type organizations. (And if the organization doesn't charge players for participating, the license becomes unnecessary.)

Mississippi bingo is overseen by the Administrator of Charitable Gaming, which reports to the Secretary of Revenue. All licensing and collection type activities are the responsibility of this office.

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We have no relationship with the state of Mississippi or any of the bingo halls or parlor in operation in the state. We're just running a directory of places at which you can play bingo in Mississippi, and our directory listings include the addresses and phone numbers of the major places at which one can play bingo in the state.


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